Fellow rehabilitator Kim Evans with Ambassador Boone

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With support from our loyal members, we are able to offer these creatures permanent sanctuary. They become our Education Ambassadors!


Kritter, Inc. has given many wild animals a chance at the life they deserve by raising orphans, rehabilitating the injured and ill. Occasionally, animals sustain injuries that prevent them from being returned to the wild. Some of these special animals remain at Kritter, Inc. to begin their careers as Educational Ambassadors.
Kritter, Inc., in cooperation with friend and fellow wildlife rehabilitator, Kim Evans, offers to people of all ages the fascinating and educational experience of meeting these wild animals up close and personal through our Educational Outreach Program.
  • For young students, we can arrange classroom visits, Girl and Boy Scout meetings, summer camp activities and more!
  • For teachers, our program may be tailored to fit the needs of your science curriculum or your class topic.
  • For the adult crowd, we offer guest speakers for your next business or club meeting and informational displays at special events.
Through education, we're also protecting ecosystems. We are discovering ways that allow us to live more wisely on the land. Educational programs from Kritter, Inc. are always free of charge, these FREE programs are only made possible by donations and we ask that you give freely. Get your family, organization or school class involved! Remember, we care for some of the earth's most precious inhabitants so they will be here for future generations.