Feeding baby
Feeding a baby squirrel

Adopt An Animal!

Your donation will give permanent sanctuary to an injured wild creature who is unable to be released! Our Monthly Donor program makes it easy to care for this animal! Donate today to help Save A Life!
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Wildlife rehabilitation involves caring for sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals with the goal of returning each to its natural habitat.

At Kritter, Inc. Wildlife Sanctuary, each animal is examined, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored program of veterinary and hospital care, feeding, medicating, physical therapy, exercising and pre-release conditioning. Releases are planned for appropriate weather, season, habitat and location. Some un-releasable animals become valuable members of Environmental Education Programs, Our Ambassadors!
Are we interfering with nature? Some people ask, "Why not let nature take its course?" But the majority of the sick, injured and orphaned wild animals we receive are suffering not because of "natural" occurrences but because of human intervention. Some accidental, some intentional, man preventable, free-roaming pets, collisions with automobiles, windows, electrical lines, mowers, illegal gun shots, poisoning, entanglement in discarded fishing lines, development, etc. Kritter, Inc. Wildlife Sanctuary eases the suffering of these animals by providing humane care.