Feeding Pelicans
Volunteer Feeding Pelicans

Volunteer with Owl Box
Volunteer Building
an Owl Nest

Bunny Tube Feeding
Tube Feeding a Bunny

Owl Balancing
Owl Balancing on Nest


Want to help Kritter, Inc. but can't commit on a continuing basis? Does your church or civic organization require its members to give back to the community? Maybe your employer encourages community service or is a business owner looking for opportunities for their employees. Perhaps you are a scout looking for a badge project. If any of this applies to you, Kritter, Inc. offers a number of potential service projects:
  • Construct perches for educational birds and those in rehab
  • Construct other much needed items such as small indoor rehabilitation enclosures
  • Paint signs, turtle habitat fences, boardwalk designs, etc...
  • Sponsor donation or membership drives at your church, synagogue, business, club meeting, etc...
If you have an idea not mentioned here, please let us know!
Email us at mabry.kritterinc@gmail.com to discuss possibilities!


Kritter, Inc. is seeking to fill their intern position! Call Lisa for details of this 'wild' opportunity @ (850) 819-3354

Kritter, Inc. is run entirely with dedicated and compassionate volunteers, we never turn away a willing individual as there are many "jobs" that must be done at the Sanctuary. Volunteers are needed seven days a week, 365 days a year. We must rely heavily on their dedication and skills. As a Kritter, Inc. volunteer you will learn something amazing and new each and every time you visit. You can experience saving the life of an injured or orphaned animal and returning it to where it belongs -

Click here for the

We have a minimum of 2 hours per work schedule; dates and times vary. Come and have a "wild" and extremely rewarding time! Hours can count as community service for scholarship needs as well.